Mission Statement

Pastoral Vision Plan

Vision Statement of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

The mission of the AME Church is to minister to the social, spiritual, and physical development of all people.  2008 AME Church Discipline page 16

St. Jude Motto: “The Family Church for All People Where Jesus is Lord”


Keep It 100

Keep It 100!

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105


The statement, “Keep it 100” simply means to be true to your beliefs and values. I believe the church is no different. In order for St. Jude to continue growing as a thriving member of the Germantown Community, we must be known as a church that is True to God’s Way, True to God’s Will and True to God’s Word! In order for this to become a reality, God must lead our every step. God’s Word will always be the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our paths. The psalmist David reiterates the importance of allowing God’s word to provide the necessary guidance of our feet. When our steps are ordered by God’s word, we reduce the risk of making careless mistakes. Likewise in ministry, as long as we allow God’s word to lead us to unchartered territories for ministry and as long as we allow God’s word to lead us to the places where individuals are broken, battered, bruised and withered from the storms of life, then we are Keeping it 100!

Not only does God’s word provide guidance, it also provides light unto our path. With this being said, even dark places are not dark places for us to engage in ministry, because what looks dark to the world, shines with God’s light to those of us who believe. God will provide light unto our path! This year will require us to stretch our faith. We are embarking upon a lofty goal of raising $100,000.00 to move us further in the direction of erecting our ministry center, which will allow us to have our own place of worship and engage in meaningful ministry. I need you! St. Jude needs you! But, most of all, God requires that you submit totally to Him. So, will you Keep it 100? Will you remain true to God’s word and God’s precepts? Will you follow me as I follow God? Let’s keep it 100 and remain true to God’s Word, Gods Will and God’s Way!


Plans for the Upcoming Conference Year


  • Evangelize, Evangelize, Evangelize
  • Move more toward Discipleship instead of Membership
  • Engaging in prophetic ministry that speaks to the needs of all God?s children;
  • Increasing church membership by 15%
  • Lead the congregation in their spiritual walk with God
  • Making bible study meaningful
  • Continue to offer church school
  • Reiterate the importance of continuous prayer and communication with God
  • Providing a meaningful worship experience for those attending St. Jude;
  • Meeting all financial obligations;
  • Growing and expanding our music ministry;
  • Further develop youth ministries and activities;
  • Continuing to move toward our desire to build a permanent church home;
  • Identify ways to create a revenue stream from the Brink Road property;
  • Engaging more members in the ministry of St. Jude.

We will Accomplish our Goals by

  • Empowering all stakeholders to fully understand the importance of FAITH;
  • Reiterating the importance of stewardship, not just with financial resources, but all that God has given us;
  • Identifying outreach opportunities to make St. Jude a more significant member of the Germantown community;
  • Encouraging all members to invite others to worship and become members of St. Jude;
  • Establishing the 2nd Sunday of each month as Discipleship Sunday
  • All members, regardless of age, will bring or invite at least one person to church
  • Establishing the 4th Sunday of each month as Sacrifice Sunday.
  • On the 4th Sunday all members will be asked to make a sacrificial offering above and beyond your tithes. This will help us further expand our ministry.
  • Placing special emphasis on the youth at St. Jude.



It is our prayer and desire that God will continue to guide and direct the path of the St. Jude Family. We will not grow weary in well doing. We will continue to evangelize to bring others to Christ. By doing so, we believe God will increase our membership and allow us to build our permanent church home. We pledge to Keep it 100!